What is Scicademy?

Scicademy is an open-access, open source, student research database.

Our Goal

Our goal at Scicademy is to allow students all over the globe to share their hard work and love of science with their peers, potential employers, and colleges. High school and undergraduate research is valuable and shouldn't be discounted, regardless of whether the research was conducted in school or with a high-level research institution. Here at Scicademy, we know that the youth of today are the researchers of tomorrow, and we created Scicademy with that in mind.


Can anybody steal my work and claim it as their own?

All work published on this website by any user is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License. If you go to your paper's page, you can see the CC BY-NC-ND button assuring that your paper is licensed.

What do the   ""   icons signify on the results page?

Clicking on this icon indicates that you have looked through the study and have observed that it is high-quality research. With no explicit peer-review system on our site, this serves as a way for the well-conducted studies to rise to the top.

What restrictions apply when I'm submitting a paper?

When you submit a paper, you are agreeing to Scicademy's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Don't worry, these conditions just make sure that you've cited all your literature and given credit to all researchers who you use materials from. If you worked in a research institution with a mentor to perform your project, the terms state that your mentor knows that his/her research will be open for everyone to see, and his/her consent is given for it to be so.

What is a User Id?

Every user on Scicademy is assigned a random number upon registration. That is your User Id. It is used to store which papers belong to you.

How do I utilize Scicademy's search effectively?

By default, you search papers by 'All Fields,' which means by Title, Keywords, and User Id. If you want to search effectively, try narrowing your search parameters by checking off a different search option. If you want to search by name, check off the 'Author' search option.

Any other questions?

Contact us at scicademy@scicademy.org.