Scicademy Awards

We hope to acknowledge student researchers who make the most out of Scicademy. To do so, we are hosting a contest with four possible awards.

The competition will end and all winners will be notified on July 31st, 2016.

Most Prolific School

The school with the most papers uploaded to Scicademy by students currently attending there will receive $250 for their research department. No duplicate papers are allowed. The winning school will be notified via the email of the science department head found on the school website.

Most Users Referred

Whenever users create an account, there is a field to enter the name of the person that reffered them. The user who referes the most students will receive $250.

Most Prolific User

The user with the most papers uploaded to Scicademy will receive $250. All papers must be the students' own work. No duplicate papers are allowed.

Highest Scicademy Score

The Scicademy Score can be calculated as so:
Total views on all a user's papers * Total upvotes on all a user's papers.
The user with the highest Scicademy Score will receive $250.

By participating in this competition, you are agreeing to the Competition portion of the Terms and Conditions for Scicademy.